Nov 26, 2012


Yikes, two quote posts in a row?

Today marks the beginning to the in-between stage. It's not yet Christmas, but there's no turning back now. It's not yet exams, but not the beginning of the second quarter. It's the two weeks of quiz-paper-test-project, because clearly teachers didn't learn when they were younger "if everyone else jumped off the bridge, would you too?", hence the same four things, six times over. 

But today is my day, and I'm going to be productive. The agenda has been written, the outfit picked out, bags packed, run planned, and breakfast made. I have been weirdly looking forward to this day since last week, partly because I'm itching to get some things crossed off my list, and partly because I really want to speed these next two weeks along. Time marches on, and there are far better things ahead. 

But I also have to slow down and appreciate these moments. For most of my classes, these will be the eleventh and last exam I will sit for. Second semester will fly by, and I'm going to be walking out of school for the last time before I know it. Sometimes I get so caught up in the future, in the possibility, the story that has yet to be written, that I forget that God has a plan for me. Then I get a reminder in the form of a few amazing girls, who remind me that everything turns out right in the end, that life is good, and that good times are ahead.

But today, first. Today will be an awesome day.


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