Nov 20, 2012

Packing Light

Many of us are off for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and I will be heading out early tomorrow morning! Since I'll be back on Sunday, there's no need to take a full suitcase to West Virginia.

First, the bags:
I love my VB duffel! I got it when I was in seventh grade when we all used them as gym bags (middle school, so cool). But now it's like the ever expandable bag! Seriously so much stuff fits in them, and they're really easy to carry!

This is perfect to throw toiletries, shoes, a sweater or two, or even hair dryers/straighteners in, as well as any last minute clothes! 

Here's a sampling of what I'll be taking for the long weekend away!
T Giving
This weekend will be all about bundling up, while still looking cute! I will be pretty formal on Thursday for dinner, and Friday night's dinner at the club, but Friday will probably be a leggings and flats day for a little Black Friday shopping!

What are you traveling this weekend?


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