Aug 23, 2011

Lilly P Sale And That Little Earthquake

Did y'all shop the Lilly Sale? Because I sure did!

It was much better than the Great Lilly Sale Disaster of 2010.  There was no specific thing I 'needed', so I was very impressed with the sale!

I got my first (of many I'm sure) Murfee in Catch of the Day!

The Nettie Dress in Spin The Bottle

The Jillie Dress in Black (If you have not snatched one of these up, go!)

And The Avery Skirt in Hot Cherry Begonias!

What did y'all get? Let me know!

In other National news, the epicenter of the Earthquake was quite close to my house.  My mother and I did not feel it and now feel as though we're not true survivors of the Great 2011 Earthquake.  We still are available for news stories and a press conference is in the works to tell our riveting story of how we were walking our dogs when it occurred. However everyone we know is okay but it does make me sad that the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral are damaged.  I hope all my East Coast readers are okay!

Have a wonderful Wednesday y'all!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I live in VA and didn't feel anything either! Everyone else in my town seemed to feel the shaking but me...dangit! I feel blessed that it wasn't severe, but kind of wish I could say I truly felt it and "survived".
    I love those dresses! Nice sale shopping :)

  2. Wow you got some good finds. I posted about mine today too!

  3. love the murfee! I'm thinking I need to go get one now

  4. I'm loving the murfee!

  5. I couldn't find ANYTHING work-appropriate at the Lilly bummed. I'm quite impressed with your haul, though.

    I happened to be in the HR offices of my school district when I felt the quake, and yes the walls shook and yes I saw my life flash before my eyes. NBD. Just another day at the office.


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