Aug 24, 2011


I flew direct from Dulles to China, so PM and I drove up a few days before to go shopping and see a few museums!

We went to the National Gallery although I was tres sad to discover that the Monet exhibit was closed. Le sigh.  But Mummy and I did enjoy wandering around looking at all the art.  I even spotted a few pieces I studied in my AP Euro turned Art History class!

Visited the Great-Grandparent's Grave in Arlington National Cemetery.  Trust me, there's no way to start a day and get your blood pressure up than trying to find a grave at Arlington and get a Parking Pass.  I'm not kidding, they  used Floppy Disks and a box of an IBM computer to search for it.  Eventually we found it, thank goodness, and drove around and checked out a few more sites we hadn't visited in a few years.

We also stopped and watched the changing of the guards.  If you have never seen this or have never been to Arlington, I highly encourage it.  It's a beautiful tribute to the Unknown Soldiers of America.  You can learn more about the ceremony and the guards on the Arlington Website.

We also spent some good time shopping on M and Wisconsin Street! I got some fabulous deals at Anthropologie and Vineyard Vines! Sadly, the line at Georgetown Cupcakes was quite long, so Mama and I settled for Sprinkles!

I truly love DC and I hope to visit again sometime soon!


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