Dec 16, 2012

The iPhone.

Today, I am officially in the 21st century as a proud iPhone owner! My blackberry has been a faithful phone for the past two years, but ever since it started acting up last summer, I've been itching for an iPhone! My "replacement" blackberry was worse than the first one, as it wouldn't turn on at first or add my contacts, and has been in danger of being almost run over by my car... about once a week. So needless to say, I've waited patiently, and I'm so excited to get my new phone! What apps do I need? Case recommendations?




  1. Study Blue, Shazam, Instagram, the Blogger app!

  2. Instagram is my fav! I like the starbucks app for gift cards and using the gold card. I love to learn other people's fav apps!

    Don't get a lilly case they peal off. I've had good luck with the kate spade silicone case but not the hard ones. Kate now has a new hybrid case that I want to try next!

    You'll love the iphone!

  3. Get a Kate Spade or Tory case! They're really good quality :)

    I also recommend getting Instagram and SnapChat!


  4. I swear by my Lilly Case I think they are better than otter boxes. They do peel off easily but they are not expensive to replace. Several of my friends have had Kate Spade and Tory Birch cases and have broken along with shattering their phones so beware.


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