Dec 13, 2012


Finals season is upon us! Sadly, I have two today, one tomorrow, two on my birthday, and one next Wednesday! But it will be my last set of exams as a high schooler, which makes me very happy!

1. Focus: Put your phone on silent, turn Self-Control on on your computer, if you have to study with music, use Pandora or your iPod, as well as your noise canceling headphones.

2. Be in a quiet environment: Go to the library, go to Starbucks, go to a random coffee shop, but don't study in your bedroom/dorm unless it's absolutely necessary.

3. Be comfortable, but dress for success: I wear leggings and an oxford to study in, but will wear a pencil skirt and pearls for my exam.

4. Organize your binders ahead of time: Make sure you have all of your books, notes, homework, tests and quizzes on hand so your don't have to keep hunting for things.

5. Make Study Guides: I make a "things to know" sheet with all of the information/for each question so that I can have a concise study guide!

6. Drink water and keep healthy snacks on hand: Make sure to eat right during finals week so you don't crash and burn during the middle.

7. Sleep: Don't forget to sleep, and if you do, lots and lots of iced coffee.

8. Exercise: Yoga is a great de-stresser as well as a run.

What are your finals tips?


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