Dec 20, 2012

Christmas Break!

As of yesterday at 12pm, I'm officially on Christmas Break and a second semester senior! It's an incredibly bittersweet feeling, and while I'm excited to be away from schoolwork for awhile, I will have some college work to do: submitting my UGA app, starting to plan for APs in May (scary!), finishing two scholarship essays, and studying for the SAT in January!

But my top five priorities are:
2. Get into a regular gym time that I can keep up with
3. Lots of coffee and lunch dates
4. Reading!
5. Netflix

Seeing as I managed to contract laryngitis and a sinus infection during exam week, I will definitely be having lots of naps and rest for the next week, but after a few rounds of meds, I'm excited to be back up and running!

This Christmas will definitely not be as high-stress as last year, but I still have some shopping to do this weekend! Have you finished your shopping?


{The Young Southern Prep}

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