Sep 6, 2012

Money, Money, Money

But really, I'm being serious.  I have an uncanny talent of being able to swipe my checking card without a tinge of regret or care for my bank account.  To counteract this, I keep a budget with Numbers to keep my spending in check.

It makes all the difference in the world, when I see that I end up going to Starbucks three times in one week, or budget for gas a little bit easier.

Do you keep a budget?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. is perfect for this! You can see everything you purchase and it even makes great graphs so that you can really see where everything is going.

  2. I'm the opposite of you, I HATE using my credit cards - I actually got an alert from my bank that it had been inactive too long, yikes. But that wasn't the case this weekend....J.Crew did my card in :(

    xx Emily @

  3. What a great idea! I am definitely going to have to try the Excel Spreadsheet for myself!

  4. I do the same exact thing! I got into a really bad habit of not keeping track of my statements, so I started doing this and it really opens your eyes! Great post :)


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