Sep 8, 2012


Today I'm up and at 'em, not so bright eyed and bushy-tailed to take my first and hopefully last ACT.  75 English questions, and a bunch of other fun math, reading, and science problems later, I'll be dunzo, thank goodness, and I'll be off to see one of my dearest camp chums play field hockey! She goes to school about four hours away from me, so it will be such a treat to see her today! Add in some football, and a PSL or two, and today should turn out to be a perfectly early-fall day!

{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Good luck! I took the ACT once, but I need to take it again. I missed the cut off for most scholarships by a point!

    xo, Taylor

  2. Ah, I took it this morning, too! Hope it went well for you!


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