Apr 11, 2012

Le iPad: Round Two

For those keeping score at home, I have already professed my love for the iPad.

Now it's almost in my hands, and will be by the end of this week.

But there is still a major decision to be made: the case.

Right now, I'm leaning toward the Lilly P case (natch), in Hotty Pink Fan Dance.

But I also really like this Kate Spade cover!

What do y'all use? I also would love any recommendations on anything iPad related - especially apps!

Happy Wednesday!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I have Fan Dance on my Iphone and love it!

  2. I am OBSESSED with Nico and LaLa's cases!!! http://nicoandlala.com/gifts.shtml

  3. I have the Lilly P. case and I adore it. It goes great with all my beach accessories!

  4. I have the Lilly P "Do the Wave" case and I love it more than anything plus it has a cute little pocket on the inside to store your earbuds.

  5. I have a phone case in that print and love it! I really want an iPad, too, haha!

  6. I have a Lilly Pulitzer in some floral print (can't remember pattern) I got the iPad 2 the day it came out and I think I would go for the Lilly Pulitzer case. The Kate Spade is more like a traveling case though- so you can't use it while your on it. I got my Lilly case on Easter and it's super durable and cute.
    :) Hope this helped!!

  7. My case is in Multi Sweet Begonia, just found that out!


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