Apr 30, 2012

Guest Post: Health and Fitness

This was supposed to post while I was away!

Hey everyone! I’m Christina from Prep International!

So, only a few more months till summer;  I can’t wait, as I’ve been working on my health and fitness to get me ready for the warm sunshine days (Hopefully, with the weather here in Canada, who knows?)
Here are a few of the steps I’ve taken.

Running in the evenings during the school days; and morning on the weekends.  It is important to balance out school work and days that you’re free on Saturday. Meaning, on school days, I finish the day’s work, then only after I’m done do I get to go on my run/walk. And on the weekends, I have the rest of the mornings, afternoon, and evening to finish assignments and projects; so I run/walk for about 30 minutes and enjoy nature and fresh air!

Making better choices.

No Wendys or any fast food at all. I recommend treating yourself only at the end of the month. It’s up to you.  
Drinking more water. 
Doing little exercises everyday , even if it’s just participating in sports or riding your bike to the store. 

Try your best and remember : 
Have fun!

Thanks so much Christina! Go check out her blog y'all! xoxo


  1. Great advice! I really need to work on balancing working out with school, actually.

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