Feb 22, 2011

Top 10 In My Closet

Katie at Let's Be Preppy did a post last week about the top 10 things in her closet. It's such a cute idea and I thought I would give it a try!

1. Taylor Dresses Jacquard Shift
I have this in pink! it's a great shift, the embroidery is fabulous and the texture is unique. I wore it to Homecoming!

2. Dan Post Cowboy Boots
I wear these at least once a week if not more. They really go with everything and I love them dearly.

3. Lands End Canvas Skirt
I just wore this for the first time on Friday and I love it already! It's such a light weight and will be worn many times this spring and summer

4. J. Crew 5" Chinos
What can I say? They go with EVERYTHING. T-shirt, oxford, patagonia, polos...

5. Clark Wallabees
My friends think they're ugly Grandma shoes, but I think they're the most comfortable shoe ever invented. They look oh-so-cute with jeans, cords and skirt too!

6. Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Oxford
I have four of these and they are just fabulous! I wear them every season!

7. J. Crew Wool Skirt
This skirt is so versatile and perfect for the winter and fall. It can be worn tucked-in with an oxford or with a cable sweater!

8. Lilly Pulitzer Bel Air Dress
The embroidery on this dress is so adorable and the cut is so flattering. The bows at the bottom add the perfect touch!

9. Platinum Jack Rogers
They go with everything, they're super cute and they show off a tan really well. What's not to love?

10. Juicy Couture Jersey Dress
I got it a few years ago and of course can't find a picture online, but it's the perfect hue of brown and has a very cute neckline with ruffles. It's perfect with a scarf or sweater!

What are your 10 favorite things in your closet?


{The Young Southern Prep}

PS One month until I get my license!!


  1. I love you, but I have to agree with your friends when it comes to the Wallabees. I will announce to the entire blog world that your pink Taylor dress is the cutest thing ever, and that I'm super jealous every time you wear it. That Land's End skirt seems like a must have, though.

  2. I like every single thing and about 8 of those are probably my top 10! :)

  3. I completely agree with your top 10 -- pretty much all of those are in my closet too!

  4. I love everything in your top 10!


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