Aug 15, 2010

Man, I love College

We took PB back to college yesterday. He will be a junior this year at PC; it seems like just yesterday we just dropped him off at football camp his freshman year. My brother was recruited by a few colleges and played football his freshman year at PC.  He played football for five years and was starting center and captain of the team his Senior year. Oh how I miss those football games...

PB's group of friends
The same group at Graduation!
PB's Graduation
PB's Freshman Orientation, with his best friend JG and JG's little brother, HG
PB's Sophomore Year Room
PB's Junior Year Room

{The Young Southern Prep}

Title: I love College by Asher Roth


  1. My brother is starting college this year, but he is living with me so we are enjoying the college experience together.

  2. Hope your brother has a great year! I'm heading off to school this week!

  3. Hope your brother has a great year!


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