Jul 24, 2013

Two Weeks.

I have approximately 14 days left as a resident of Virginia and then it's off to Alabama. My moods and feelings about this whole college thing range from "OMG OMG OMG I'm so excited so many new friends and people and things to do and see" to "I'm locking myself in the Suburban and living at home forever and ever and I'll work as a nanny or something as long as I can stay here".

This summer has been so crazily busy that interning kept most of these feelings at bay for June and really until the middle of July. Since I didn't really handle my feelings in a healthy way until, um, last week, the past few days have been a serious roller coaster of ups and downs and second thoughts and reality checks.

My list of places to eat are growing more and more lined with blue and only a few places remain: The Yard House next friday, my favorite mexican restaurant with my favorite waiters who are almost family now for my last night in town, Whole Foods for cupcakes, Sugar Plum for a slice of cake. No Frill for chicken sandwiches, Chicks for fried oysters, and Bakers Crust for tavern chips all got crossed off last week. One last Taste run is in order today with one of my favorite people ever, but who am I kidding, I'll probably take a second lunch sometime before I leave just for one more Hilltop.

I'm trying to balance running so I keep my head on straight, TidalWheel so I can have more time to hangout with my friends and favorite instructors, and now Pure Barre so I can kick those lassssssst five pounds off the scale that I was supposed to lose the week after graduation. Many thanks to those three for keeping my legs consistently sore/bruised for the past three weeks. (Sidenote: Pure Barre is no joke.)

Then there are things I can't even deal with/talk about: minute things like shower caddies, laptop cases, waterproofing backpacks, ordering stationery, when exactly my last sit on the beach day is, new glasses, where I'll fill prescriptions. In my next life, maybe I'll write a book about all this, and how to do things like moving more efficiently, because the refrain "I went to summer camp, this will be easy!" no longer applies. Things like school colors and matching and dorm schemes now apply.

Case in point: my mother and I go to Target for a white shirt, see one of my best friends, talk to him for an hour and a half, and leave with sheets and towels at 10:30 at night. I then proceed to take my sheets and towels to my monogrammer, get in a debate about what font and which colors to use with her, finally leave.  I picked up my coral sheets and navy towels in a trashbag three days later. Old high school habits die really, really, really hard. This has also been evidenced by the amount of orange and blue I've found in my room while packing and weeding things out. 

Back to my point, there are things I'm anticipating, like getting to eat at my favorite places, and things I'm not thinking about, like saying goodbye to my 30 or so closest friends until Christmas. Nothing triggers a good old "why didn't I go to UVA and follow the normal route with my friends so I could come home on the weekends and still see everyone" freak out like realizing I won't be at home or see anyone until almost 2014. Yikes. There's going to be no safety net of friends to fall back on the first week of school or knowing everyone in my class or my home to come to.

But that's okay. Life goes on and even though I'm a little terrified, I am ready to fly from the nest. I might stumble a little bit, but that's okay. I might not 100% think it yet, but I am ready and I know I'll be okay. I think it's my orange and blue bulldog heart that might take the longest to convert.



  1. You can do this!! I went through all these feelings myself, and I didn't even go off that far to school. But it's so true that you make some of your best friends right off the bat! Just submerge yourself completely and accept all the things coming your way. The people I'm closest to now I met the first three weeks of school & we've had such a great time together. Just enjoy these moments, because there's nothing like the first day rush.

  2. You can do this!! I experienced all these sentiments myself, and I didn't even head off that far to class. Anyway its true to the point that you make some of your closest companions quickly off the bat! Just submerge yourself totally and acknowledge all the things impending your direction. The individuals I'm closest to now I met the first three weeks of school & we've had such an incredible time together.


  3. I'm about to head off to my second year at UVa, but I'm from New England! I totally understand where you're coming from, and I went to boarding school before college. Reminding yourself that there are going to be things you're going to miss and thats okay is really helpful. As is reminding yourself that you aren't going to know everything when you get to college! Friends come almost immediately, and if you're rushing (I didn't until second semester because of deferred recruitment!) they'll come even faster and more easily! It's going to be a roller coaster, but just enjoy the ride! You only get to do it once!

  4. I totally get where you're coming from. Going up to college, I had NOTHING organized except my clothes packed in two suitcases. I flew from Trinidad (in the Caribbean) to Connecticut a week early, and shopped every single day until I managed to create a room somehow. It was the most stressful thing ever! I get you on the not seeing your friends thing, I didn't see any friends or family until I came home for Christmas in December, excepting my sister and BIL who lived five hours away, so I took a train to see them for Thanksgiving. This semester, my parents managed to surprise me and fly up to see me for a weekend, which was much needed. You'll be fine! It's such a scary time, but we always survive :)

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