Jul 14, 2013

Summer Sundays

Good Sunday morning y'all!!! There's something definitely special about summer Sunday mornings that I just LOVE. As I'm counting down the last three (don't want to talk about it) weekends at home, I really do enjoy getting an early coffee, late brunch, and a long walk on the beach with my sweet Mama.

This summer seems to have been busier than the month of May which I would have thought impossible, but seeing as it's now the middle of July and I can count on one hand the number of times I've blogged.....yeah, summer life is crazy. Internship #1 is dunzo, I'm onto #2 Thursday, and then off to Alabama in two weeks then home for my last 5 days in Virginia!

Even though I have Pure Barre in an hour and a million things to do and see and eat before I move, life is definitely good today.



  1. July has been ca-razy! I think when we don't have a certain routine (like during the school year) our days tend to fill up in haphazard ways. I feel just as busy as I did during the school year...


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