Jul 26, 2012

YSP Playlist #5

I've been listening to Kenny Chesney non-stop since I've gotten home from camp.  His songs are perfect for summer, as well as growing up and leaving high school. Here are my favorite songs!

What are your favorite Kenny songs?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Check out "When the sun goes down" and "Me and You!" Love Kenny! Ps- thanks for the follow! :)

    -Lanie @ SouthernPreppyChic.blogspot.com

  2. Kenny Chesney is the best! I wish I was able to the Boys of the Sun concert, but the tickets were so darn expensive!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  3. I love Kenny and wish I had been able to go to a concert this summer.
    When the Sun Goes Down or Keg in the Closet are my favorites.

  4. Somewhere With You, Anything But Mine, You and Tequila, Out Last Night.. the list goes on and on though :D


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