Jul 18, 2012

College Tour: Athens

After my five weeks of camp, Mumsy and I set off for USC, UGA, and Alabama! Sadly I didn't get any pictures at USC but I loved it!

We stopped and visited my Aunt and sweet cousins in Atlanta before heading to Athens, and we went to lunch at the Swan Coach House!

Lunch was so lovely - I highly recommend the pimento cheese and chicken salad sandwiches!

Isn't the Swan House gorgeous?

After our delicious lunch, we visited the Beverly Bremer Silver Shop! Oh my word y'all, if I can picture heaven, I want it to be this place.  I narrowed down my race for choosing a silver pattern and received some great tips, which I'll share in a later post!

Ensley even stopped in for the evening and made us a yummy vegan dinner!

The next morning we woke up, and were off to Athens!

Sidenote: If you ever go from Atlanta to Athens and need a Starbucks, do not wait until you're half an hour into the drive to start wanting one.  It's either ATL or Athens, there's no in between to stop in! Mumsy and I learned this the very hard way! Sadly, I didn't think to snap any pictures on the tour (Blackberry problems!) but after our tour and browsing around Clayton Street, we drove out to the new University of Georgia Health Science Campus! It used to be the Naval Supply School, and Royar Square is located there, named for my Great-Grandfather. 

I absolutely fell in love with UGA and would love to keep being a bulldog for another four years!

Have you ever visited Athens? What's your favorite place to go?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I hope you know I am kidding kinda...but when I go to Athens my favorite place to go...is back home!

  2. Cute outfits, Royar! Hope the visits went well. :)

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  4. I LOVED USC :) my final decision for college was between USC and Virginia Tech! I didn't want to be in such a big city which is why I ultimately picked VT! BUT, I went to visit a friend who was in law school at UGA and fell in love with the charming little southern town! Athens is beautiful!!

  5. You forgot to visit the best one Oxford, MS. :)


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