Jan 28, 2012


Today I feel like a high school junior for the first time. 

I'm taking the SAT today. It's a very weird feeling. I remember when my brother took it (5 times, might I add), when I was in sixth grade. Sixth. And now I'm in his shoes, five years later, going to take my big girl test to truly start the college process.  It's terrifying and thrilling and exciting all at the same time, but I also have to remind myself that it's just a test, and I still have many opportunities to improve and that this is just one Saturday out of the 52 I get in 2012 and every little thing is going to be all right.

Junior Year just keeps getting better and better.

Anyone else out there taking it today? Good luck to all who are!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. good luck! it's not as bad as you think! also try taking the acts. my score was 300 points higher on them. :]

  2. Somehow I didn't realize that you're a HS junior!! How amazing. Good luck to you today! I took the SAT back when there was no writing portion and it was out of 1600 (I know, I'm old). Ha! =)

  3. I am sure you did wonderful. i only ever took the ACT.


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