Jan 3, 2012

It's That Time Of Year Again...

Thank-You Note Time!

I've been writing them all day for my Birthday and Christmas! Some would call it a double-wammy, but at least I get them all done at once!

From one of my favorite Southern Ladies and expert on all Social Graces, Miss Janice on Thank-You Notes:
Now that all of the gifts have been unwrapped, proper etiquette dictates that you send a thank-you note for gifts you received. This is the perfect time to teach children that presents are given to them as acts of kindness and thank-you notes are appropriate. To be perfectly proper, thank-you notes should be written on 'monogrammed notes' or 'correspondence cards.' Please do not e-mail your thank-you note--that is an etiquette faux pas. Begin your note by telling the person how thoughtful they are and how they always find the perfect gift for you. Mention the gift and how you will use it. Close by thanking them again!
Failure to write a thank-you note is an etiquette faux pas and it will be remembered! For those of you who need a little help with your notes, The Art of Thank You, by Connie Leas is an excellent reference book. This book has many meaningful ways to say thank you. It explains why we write thank-you notes,when to send a thank-you note, what stationery to use for thank-you notes, and how to compose a thank-you note. Remember, you will never go wrong sending a thank-you note!

Here are my picks from Nico and Lala!

Who is your favorite stationer to use?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Thank-you notes are so important and of course, people do remember when someone does not say "thank you" for an act of kindness. I'm still waiting on notes for gifts given last summer! Happy New Year to you:)

  2. You and Miss Janice are soo right! I was actually able to write all mine on Christmas day which was a nice relief. I get most of my stationary from Cranes, Reeves Engraving and American Stationary. I've been really into correspondence cards vs the folded monogram for a little twist.


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