Nov 29, 2011

DIY Holiday Link Up!

Today, I'm linking up with Hopsy for a DIY Holiday Gift! While I don't have a specific thing to make per say, I did visit Hobby Lobby for the first time last weekend! Y'all. To say that I was obsessed with HL is an understatement - my Mama had to about drag me out of the store! This weekend almost everything Christmas themed was 50% off and I got so much adorable stuff, as well as looked for things to plan out some more Pinterest crafts!

How cute is this little board?

I got it thinking I would style after this and it would be perfect to hang on my bedroom door!

I also picked this up at a bargain store on Friday to repaint and restore - it was too cute not to pass up!

I think that between these two projects and making some ornaments for friends I'll be very busy crafting in the next few weeks!


{The Young Southern Prep}

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