May 27, 2011

Plan It!

With the end of the 4th quarter next week and exams starting soon, I rely on my planner even more than I already do.  I probably wouldn't function without my planner.  

Currently, I'm using the Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda!
 It's has a weekly and monthly planner, as well as adorable stickers, a notes section and a birthday organizer!  I will definitely be ordering another for next year! The biggest issue is, what color do I get?

Do you use a planner? Where is yours from?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I LOVE my lilly planner! I would be lost forever without it. And the cute stickers make my weeks much brighter! I love the pink :)


  2. I love mine too! I am planning on getting a really nice one from kate spade for the next year, it's going on my Christmas list.

  3. i'm currently using a vera bradley planner, but I'm definitely getting the lilly large planner next year!

  4. I love my Sarah Pinto planner! If you're looking for a change, you should look at her website. She also has super cute notebooks.

    I'm a new blogger so stop by my blog and check it out! Thanks!

  5. I was literally just looking at these a few days ago! <3 I am having trouble deciding myself! This year I skipped a planner because I use my iphone for nearly EVERYTHING, but I think it is time to convert pack to the my original way. Have a great weekend! (:

  6. sarah pinto!!!!! :) love love love them!


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