May 17, 2011

Camp Wishlist

With camp only 26 days away (eep!), vBh and I have begun to shop for camp.  Here's what we're lusting after for camp this year:


New Crazy Creeks

A lifetime supply of Orbit gum

Matching Justin Bieber posters for our bunks



Royar & vBh
{The Young Southern Preps}


  1. I love chacos :] I don't own a pair but I've seen them in stores and they reminded me of tevas

  2. Norts and gum would definitely be must haves for me too. Have fun shopping! <3

  3. Running shorts are a must!! And maybe a new nalgene bottle?!

  4. Ahh first off I am SO jealous because I absolutely loved my camp but since I'm in college I can't go anymore unless I'm a counselor but it was def the best part of my summers. And also I'm obsessed with Chacos and are they selling pink ones again?! Or are those the old ones because I'm dying for pink ones but can't find anywhere selling them now.


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