Mar 1, 2011

The Sound Of Music!

kLe and me

AHCD and me

This past weekend was my school's winter musical and this year we did The Sound Of Music! I had so much fun with all of my friends being a nun and a guest at the Von Trapp's party! I can't wait for next year!


{The Young Southern Prep}

PS Rabbit, Rabbit!


  1. I have wanted our school to do this for SO LONG! We better do it next year, so fun! I'll finally audition for it if we do haha! Glad it was fun! Virginia

  2. Oh soooo cute! Love that play and movie.

  3. Oh that is my FAVORITE movie!! I bet that was so much fun to do!

  4. That is SO much fun! I'm in my school's Spring musical this weekend and it's Fiddler on the Roof, but I'd love to do the Sound of Music!

  5. That sounds like so much fun! That's one of my favorite movies! We're doing Guys and Dolls right now at my school!

  6. I love this show and the movie! I love theater and performing I bet this was a fun play to do!!


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