Mar 30, 2011

Packing Essentials: Luggage

While I was on Spring Break, I got to thinking about my packing essentials since I have traveled extensively over the past year.  This will be the first of many, as camp is only 74 days away and I have begun to pack for my month there!  Today's post is all about LUGGAGE!

I have owned this bag for about 5 years and I have it in lime green, which makes it super easy to find in Airports.  It fits everything and is very easy to roll around.

I always use this as my "dopp kit" for when I travel and it easily fits all of my toiletries and is perfect to hang up!

These were all the rage in middle school and are perfect for overnights and sleepovers!

I have a smaller one of these in my sports bag to store my jewelry in while I'm at practice and switch it to my purse when traveling.  It keeps my jewelry well organized and easy to keep track of.

When traveling with dresses and suits, a garment bag is a must.  I have one for when I'm getting ready at a friends house before a dance or party so my dress stays wrinkle-free.

I always have one of these in my purse while travelling to keep my makeup and other liquids so I know exactly where they are in my bag!

What luggage do you use when you travel?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I use all that Vera Bradley stuff to. It makes it so easy to organize everything and its just so cute and holds up SO well.

  2. I still love all of my Vera luggage! So junior high, but I still use it!

  3. I literally have all of those Vera Bradley luggage them all. As far as what I use when flying I have a pink plaid set from Jansport that I got as a graduation present a few years ago. It's fantastic because it's so easy to spot and it's really durable. It came with three various sizes so I can plan accordingly to the duration of my trip :) all this talk about luggage makes me excited for my next trip in June!


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