Sep 8, 2010

What's In My Purse? UNEDITED

Exclusive: I now take you into the dark depths of my Tan Longchamp. I will never buy another brand until I'm out of college. Pinky promise. I literally dumped, I mean, delicately set down every item of my pocketbook onto PM's Ethan Allen table.

Clockwise from left:
Ray-Ban New Wayfarer's in Tortoise Shell
Notebook from said post:
Ray-Ban Case
Louis Vuitton Coin Purse
Duct Tape Wallet made by a close friend
Car & House Keys with Starbucks Card attached
EnV2 that's on it's last leg. Hoping to replace it with a blackberry in the near future. (Hint, Hint PM)
Brooks Brothers Wallet
Receipt from Starbucks

What's in your pocketbook?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Love the Brooks Brothers wallet!
    I don't even want to know what's in mine...I haven't picked it up in weeks. I've just been grabbing a Lilly Trust Fund wallet and running out the door.

  2. I'll have to do this again! Your purse is very organized!!

  3. I did the same thing at the beginning of the summer! haha

  4. I did mine earlier this summer, and I Polyvore'd it!

  5. I love these posts! I always feel like I'm carrying my house around with me and it's so fun to see what "essential" other people carry!

  6. Love this post! I can only imagine what is in mine

    have a great day!
    OoXx The Sailor in Pink

  7. I was planning on doing a post like this soon! I love my longchamps! They are the best purses I'v had!

    P.S. Make sure you enter the giveaway I'm hosting!

  8. I also don't leave the house without my Starbucks card. I love the Longchamp bag , so much classier than LV - they make me shudder nowadays.


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