Sep 3, 2010

Earl, You're A Pearl (Really)

Guess who has two thumbs and has no school today?


Thanks Earl, you're a doll. I have relaxed all day here at ma maison (all you French scholars out there?) and writing blog posts. So cool, right? 

Moving on...

Thanks so much to Hannah at The Pink and Green Prep for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! I love your blog, Hannah!

I'm supposed to list seven things about myself, then pass it on to seven more bloggers! So, here goes:

1. I drive a 2000 Chevy Suburban and most people don't believe that I can actually drive it.

2. I flew SouthWest Airlines for the first time in August. I normally fly US Airways.

3. I am so excited to be in a sorority in college after seeing PB be in a fraternity

4. I am the secretary of my class

5. I have a Purple Nalgene water bottle named Tommy Pulitzer Nalgene

6. I run cross-country

7. I am so happy that I started blogging, because I have met lovely people like y'all!

And now, I tag all of my readers! Love y'all!

Have a great Friday!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. So jealous you didn't have school...I miss hurricane days. I go to school farther away from the coast in the mountains so we get off for absolutely nothing. Literally - not even the 4 feet of snow last winter.

    My friend has a pink Nalgene she calls Tommy! Weird :)

  2. Lucky you! I've never had to miss school for a hurricane.. guess that's another downfall of being landlocked.. haha

  3. I'm loving your blog! and you've been tagged :-)


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