Oct 23, 2012

Debate #3

As of 8:30 EST, I am officially done with my speech! Yipee!

Hopefully later this week I'll have time to organize my thoughts into a post about politics, but for now, I want to hear opinions on last night!

I thought it was a great debate! I loved Obama's zinger about "The 1980s wanting their foreign policy back", although it was misguided, I am definitely guilty of saying the same phrase! But there were some very good points by Mitt Romney, and he sounds very Reagan-esque.

I especially loved Mitt Romney's comments. It was so fireside chat esque, I felt like he was sitting in my living room!

What did you think? What was your favorite quote or zing?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Such a great debate! Go Romney! :)

  2. I loved the last debate, too! I thought "horses and bayonets" was pretty funny, personally!


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