Oct 3, 2011

What Royar Read: September

The final book in the series, just as good as the previous two.

Maybe it's just that I'm not a huge British-Lit fan, but it wasn't terrible.

Woof. No. Just no.

A Great Book.  I would recommend it to everyone.

A Classic and I loved it.

Quite predictable, but a few surprises are thrown in to keep it from being completely terrible.

A quick read and has a happy ending!

SO obsessed with this book! I had to read it for my Alternate History class and it was so good!

Absolutely loved this book.  I love the Lost Generation and F. Scott! Only a few more months until I get to read The Great Gatsby

I laughed, cried and realized that Pat Conroy is my favorite author of all time. A must read for all Conroy fans.

Set in DC and Martha's Vineyard, what could be better? The beginning was the best part and the ending got a little weird but it was still great.

What did you read last month?


{The Young Southern Prep}

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