Oct 12, 2011


As y'all are reading this, I am probably in a small, window-less classroom, dying a slow and painful death cheerfully finishing my last PSAT...FOREVER.

Yes, I get overdramatic about this, and no, I really don't care.

Yes, yes I was that girl who messed up her PSAT and accidentally put down her intended major as Russian Linguistics, not her intended biochemical engineering.  Which turned into Pre-Law last year, which will turn into International Studies and Foreign Policy this year. But who knows, I hear Animal Husbandry is pretty close to it. We'll just have to see if I pull another true Royar with this and if College Board gets a surprise. But maybe I'll get a surprise too. I wouldn't say no to a perfect score.

It's funny how much things have changed since I was a terrified little fourteen year old freshman, confused about why I needed to even take this test. Now I'll be walking out of the room as a wiser sixteen year old junior who knows that she'll be back again in January to tackle the SAT.

Happy PSAT Day y'all!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Good luck girl, PSAT has nothing on you!

  2. Good luck Royar!! I wanted to take the PSAT today as a sophomore, but my parents decided I needed my sleep and my late arrival! They were right. XO


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