Jul 18, 2011

Mischance It Was That Brought Me Here...

I can't believe my CIT month is over.  

It was, literally, the fastest month of my life.  I was in a Middle Girls cabin 2nd session with 16 campers and Older Girls 3rd session with 12 campers.  2nd session, I worked at Tennis in the mornings and 3rd I worked at Sailing!

I enjoyed tennis because I got to work with two of my closest CIT friends and the staff was great but I absolutely adored sailing! I got the cutest campers on my boats and I loved getting to know them.  The last night a little girl came up to me and thanked me for teaching her how to sail and making her not afraid of the boat.

I also got my Silver and Gold Bandana while at camp!  The bandana system is one of the most genius systems I've ever come across.  You can get up to ten points in each activity at camp and a Silver Bandana is worth 72 points and a Gold is worth 120.  For a Gold Bandana, campers can choose their own entrance onto the stage.  For CITs, we got to enter as racecar drivers! It was definitely one of the coolest nights of my life.

What didn't we do? 

We worked hard, some hardly worked, danced alot, spent many mornings in a chapel with no air conditioning, played letter writing games, drank a lot of sun cups, hid behind freezers, climbed posts, walked a lot of trails, almost got attacked by a raccoon and a squirrel, drank too much sweet tea, did the John Wall, went to a concert with performers all the way from the Golden Coast, sang this during our last Talent Show, went to Canteen at least three times a day, got 16 bandanas, spent too many hours on our porches, learned to shag, went skiing, wakeboarding and everything in between, slept our afternoons away, paddleboarded, kayaked and canoed, flipped Sunfish, gave out cards, microwaved cookies, played field hockey, tennis and flag football, built fires, shouted too many cheers at the top of our lungs, crossed the bridge too many times, had dance parties, took selfies, gave devotions, swam for miles, attempted to have a darty, ran in the rain, watched fireworks, got locked out of our cabins, watched the sunrise and became a family of 27.

I will never forget the mornings and nights and days spent with them and I miss them all terribly.


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Precious, precious photos - I am so glad you had such a great time! I love memories like that where you look back and realize how much you really bonded with each other and became family - some of the most important experiences of our lives I believe. Welcome home!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time! The things that are the most memorable always go the fastest! I'm a new follower! Stop by and check out my giveaway! http://turtlesandpearls.blogspot.com

  3. i just started following your blog and i love it! i also love that blue dress you're wearing in the last few photos! i would really appreciate if you checked my blog out :)

  4. Glad you had fun. Enjoy the rest of your summer

  5. Im glad you had so much fun!! The pictures are adorable!


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