Jul 5, 2011

Guest Post: Photography

Hi there! I’m Mackenzie from Twirl and Curl! I’m so honored to be posting here today, thanks Royar! I love photography and it is something that I have decided I want to learn more about and really spend time improving. Not everyone needs to take photography to the level that I have to have the important memories captured. I often regret the years before I got my first camera because no one was taking pictures of my family. I have a horrible memory and being able to have images to remind me of what I was doing or an event that I completely forgot about makes me smile. Taking photos isn’t about having the best camera or most up to date technology, it’s about remembering an event that you never want to forget. Capturing memories that you want to remember forever! If you ever need advice on a camera or any photography related information, I would be happy to help!


Thanks so much Mackenzie! Go check out her blogs y'all! Tumblr and Blogspot

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  1. great post! My dad does photography as a hobby and we have so many great familly pictures as a result!


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