Jun 21, 2011

Royar's Summer Reading: Love The One You're With

This is the second Emily Giffin book I've read, after Something Borrowed, and I could not put this down.  It tells the story of Ellen and Andy, a newly married couple whose marriage is perfect.  It reminded me of Something Borrowed in that Ellen is best friends with Andy's sister Margot.  Ellen and Margot meet when they are college roomates at Wake Forest.  Margot is a true southern belle (I completely identified with her!) and Ellen is from Pennsylvania.  After graduation, they both move to New York and Ellen begins dating Leo.  Fast forward a few years and Ellen is a successful photographer and married to Andy.  When out of the blue she receives a call from Leo one rainy afternoon, she begins to re-think all her life choices.  This was a super fast read and I love Giffin's writing style. I whole-heartedly recommend it!

Have you read any Emily Giffin? Do you like her?


{The Young Southern Prep} 


  1. Love her! I read that book and I liked it. Make sure you read "Something Blue," her sequel to "Something Borrowed." I literally could not put it down.

  2. reading this right now!
    xoxo emily

  3. This really is a great book! Read all of hers, homegirl needs to get to writing again!

  4. Love Emily Giffin! I agree that we need a new book!



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