Jun 25, 2011

Guy Harvey

When running around during the summer, my go to outfits are either nike shorts or chino shorts and t-shirt or a knit.  I've had trouble finding "nice" t-shirts that I can wear out, and I've found much success with Guy Harvey.

They're a classic and I love mine! Do you have any?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I've always seen my dad and brother wear these! I love anything that reminds me of the ocean, so I think it's my turn to try one!

  2. Great idea... I love wearing those kinds of tshirts!

  3. love guy harvey t-shirts in the summer! They are perfect!

  4. That's such a great idea! I will definitely use that this summer. PS I used to follow you, but because of circumstances had to leave the blogworld for a while, but am back. High school preppy blogger forthewin haha!

  5. First time commenting here when I saw this - recently moved to Florida (my husband loves to fish) and I got the women's version (FL sells them) and they are the BEST t-shirts. Comfy fit, great colors and yes, a classy t-shirt to wear around in the summer!

    Britt fr. A Southern Aesthetic

  6. I love Guy Harvey! My dad's name is actually Harvey, so he lovesss the stuff as well! It's so classic and southern (and of course, beachy!!)


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