Apr 4, 2011


With Easter only a few weeks away, I popped into my local Lilly store to check out some dresses!  I tried on a few and I think this year, I'm going to get...

The Ricci Shift!  The cut is super cute and there are so many colors that I will easily be able to put it with a sweater!  This year Ensley will be joining the fam and we're going to head up to West Virginia to visit the Grandparents!  I'm super excited!

What are your easter plans?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I'll be backpacking around New Zealand! I'm so excited but I'll need to find a church for Easter service.

  2. Can you get us a buy one/get one deal at Lilly?

    Ps. I'm already saving my pennies for a Gabe's blowout.

  3. TWINS! I'm wearing that dress for Easter, and it was my FIRST Lilly dress, I'm in love with it.


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