Apr 27, 2011

Easter Recap!

On Thursday afternoon, PM and I set off for wonderful West Virginia!  

Ensley and I had our annual Gabe's trip and also went to TJ Maxx which we both agreed was the nicest TJ Maxx we had both been in.  While in Gabe's we discovered the best of West Virginia, sunglasses for $4 each (hey, at least I won't worry if they get lost or break!) and a NY&Co. sundress for $10, as well as the worst, displays that included layered tshirts and jargos (jean-cargos, natch).  
Our fashion sense was lost on our fellow West Virginians

We were greeted by lovely messages in the dressing rooms

On Saturday Ens and I saw Water for Elephants!
 I can't stop thinking about it - it was so good! Robert Pattinson is a very good actor now that I've seen him outside of the Twilight series, those movies don't do him justice! I can't wait to read the book!

On Sunday, we went to church and had brunch at the club which was spectacular and we got to see many of our family friends before it was time to head home again!  It was a very relaxing long weekend! How were y'alls Easters?


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  1. I thought Robert Pattinson was outstanding in Water for Elephants! He is definitely a much better actor than the Twilight movies show!


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