May 19, 2010

WIRW Wednesdays II

What is Royar wearing?

A gray J. Crew knit dress, red ballet flats.  I also wear five pieces of signature jewelry every day: Pearl Studs, A necklace with my late grandma's initials, Signet ring with my initials, My late grandma's watch and a white pearl bracelet (that is unfortunately at the jewelers).

I need to tell ya'll about my day because it was definitely a fab day.  We had our last Happy Club meeting today, which was a little emotional for me because today is my last day as secretary and my last meeting in the middle school.  (9th grade is considered the middle school.)  We raised $5,000 dollars this year, which will fund 21 surgeries for Operation Smile. If ya'll don't know what Operation Smile is, it is a fabulous organization that provides free surgeries for children in third-world countries. This organization is very near and dear to my heart! Normally, I don't ask for things like this, but if ya'll would be so kind as to vote for Operation Smile in the Member's Project, which will award one charity $200,000.  This is 830 surgeries for Op Smile! Here is the link: Member's Project.  Thanks so much!



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