May 25, 2010

Twitter Posts

I am taking a break for the next two weeks, during which I will have: 6 final exams, 2 tests, 1 vocab quiz, 1 paper and 1 packet of 15 latin poem translations due.  I will keep in touch over Twitter (hint: If you don't follow me, you Totes McGotes should.) Here is what I have done in the past two hours: Studied French, Conjugated Verbs, Checked FB, Checked Gmail, Checked Outlook, Checked Twitter, Listened to French Music on Pandora, and studied more French.

Summary of my night in four tweets:

8:24 pm: J'ai mon français demain finale! J'adore le français, il est toute ma vie! Mais alors, je souhaite que je n'écrivais pas ce ton sarcastique.

9:04 pm: I really shouldn't be taking 2 languages...I now type in a Latin/French mix. Et write the word 'and' as et. Like I just did. 

9:36 pm: Listening to Ratatat & Daft Punk on Pandora...Daft Punk is a french band...that counts as studying, right?

10:01 pm: I keep obsessively checking FB, Gmail, Outlook & Twitter; I've tweeted more in the last two hours than I have ever. Hmm...Tres interessant

Somehow describing my life seems cooler in 140 characters or less.



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    1. good luck! during my finals week, my twitter account made it look like I was seconds away from a mental breakdown!


    I appreciate each and every one of your comments! Thanks for leaving one! XOXO