Jun 1, 2012

It's Two Bare Feet On The Dashboard...

It's Summertime!

As of 11 a.m. I am free as a bird, done with Pre-Calculus forever, and officially a SENIOR in high school! 

Tomorrow I leave for my favorite place in the world: camp!

I will be working with our Older Girls and at the pool! I am so excited to be back at camp for my first year on staff!

I will be posting sporadically for the next six weeks or so, but I will try and keep up with reading y'alls blogs! I do love reading and commenting on them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time at camp, and get some sweet campers!

  2. Ah, I'm sure that'll be a blast! Congrats on ending Junior Year!

  3. Hope you have a great time at Camp.Enjoy,and looking forward to your return!

  4. Have a wonderful time at camp.

  5. I hope you had a nice 4th of july! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow my preppy blog. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!

  6. How exciting senior year! Such a fun year! Have a great time at camp! xo


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