Jan 11, 2011

War Cam Eagle


Yes, I was cheering for Auburn last night.

I support Cam, I support the SEC and I support my South.

I was the only War Eagle in my AP Euro class yesterday, and my liberal teacher had Go Ducks written in HUGE letters on the board. Which led to me trying to explain to the entire class, who I'm sure most have never watched a true college football game in their lives, what War Eagle means. 

Which led to The Music Snob (He's back!!) pretending that he actually knows something by quoting some of the Roll Tide commercial after I mentioned that War Eagle was similar to the phrase Roll Tide.  Listen buddy, it's a nationally televised commercial and easily accessible on YouTube. I'm not that proud of you, so don't get upset when I shoot you a look. 

He also asked me today at play practice if my cousin's high school football shirt was from Alabama. We can only hope that one day he will learn.

In other news, I got Roses by Leila Meacham in the mail yesterday! I adore this book and can't wait to read it again! I bought it off half.com which sells books SUPER cheap! I get all of my textbooks from there!

Only 235 days until Alabama plays Kent State! Have a great day!


{The Young Southern Prep}

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