Oct 13, 2010


As y'all are reading this, I am probably in a small, window-less classroom, dying a slow and painful death.

Yes, I am being over-dramatic and no, I don't care.

Today is the PSAT. The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Now, let's stroll down memory lane to last year's test:

I am sitting in the Spanish II room, filling out the personal information form.  I decide, like the little smarty-pants that I am (not really), to put my 'interested major' as Bio-Medical Engineering. You know, to sound smart and all. But, in true Royar fashion, as my friends will all tell you this happens often, I had a moment.  And instead of putting number 342, I put 542, thereby declaring my interested major as Russian Linguistics. 

Great one, Royar.  

This year, I can only hope to get that one part right, as it is the only one that matters to me. Sorry, CollegeBoard if I got y'alls hopes up, but this year I only intend to mark Pre-Law.  But who knows, I hear Japanese Linguistics is right across from it. Maybe CollegeBoard will get a surprise after all. And maybe I'll get a surprise too. A perfect score wouldn't be too bad.

Yesterday, while my English teacher talked and talked and read over the directions once again, I practiced writing my Pre-Law Major number a few times, just for good measure.  Yes, I might be taking this a little seriously, but then again, when it comes to college, I take everything seriously. 

And I am serious about being here in about two and a half years.

or here

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Happy PSAT Day Y'all! 


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Oh my goodness, you're taking it today too? Good luck! I'm so nervous!

  2. I remember this day well!! I think for the first one something was going on with the younger kids at my high school and I watched them outside my window more than actually trying. Thats so funny about russian. I wouldn't worry about what major you put down I'm sure I said undecided. Everyone loves bama and SMU is an amazing school!!!

  3. Good luck :) I loved the PSATs...It was a day off from class and I for didn't take it seriously at all. Although, as I recall, the room I took it in was freezing and I spent more time shivering and sulking than pretending to care. Don't worry about the major, anyway. Even when I applied to my school and explicitly wrote that I wanted to double major in biology and french, they completely disregarded the french part and didn't even put me in a french class.

  4. Good Luck on your PSAT! Hope it goes well!

  5. Good luck, you'll do great!
    And stop with this going to Bama nonsense! :)

  6. Best of luck today! You have an excellent wish list of schools.

  7. just finished! literally was a giant brain jumble! hopefully i will have done better this year than last! I LOVE your blog and it's so nice to read from another prepster in high school!

  8. Hey, we may not be good with numbers but we have a way with words! (You just have a way with Russian words, apparently.) Hope it went well! I vote that you go to Chapel Hill. Why did that not make the list?

  9. Out of those schools, I'm a fan of SMU. My best friend almost went there but decided to stay at trinity in SA. And I just love Dallas and all places surrounding it. I go to school in Denton, so I go to Dallas or Fort Worth or Southlake every chance I get. :P


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