Jun 14, 2010

Music Monday!

Top Five for the week!

1. Alejandro - Lady GaGa
2. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
3. Airplanes - B.O.B feat Hayley Williams
4. That's All - Genesis
5. Shark In The Water - VV Brown

Has anyone seen Lady GaGa's new video? What do you think?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I totally love Shark in the Water because of Degrassi...its completely my guilty pleasure. If you're not familiar, they're using the song as like a MASSIVE summer promo for the season haha

  2. Alejandro keeps getting stuck in my head, and it's starting to get on my nerves! I hope you're enjoying the beginning of your summer!

  3. I think I sang myself to sleep with Alejandro last night! Love it! As for the video - too wacky for me!


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