Apr 9, 2010

Is chivalry really dead?

Every morning at PHS, we have chapel. During chapel, every freshman gives a speech (I gave mine in October!). This morning, I was running late, so I had to sit on the steps of the stage and tried to hunt for an open seat. Normally this doesn't bother me, except that THREE ROWS of pubescent teenage boys were blinking in front of me. I was wearing a dress, and I heard mutters of "a girl...be a gentleman...give up your seat." Did anything happen? No. I did find a seat, near the eighth grade section, but that is not my point.  The fact that these, and most other boys in general are not being taught simple things such as giving up their seat for a woman, or even opening the door for a lady. I don't expect a red carpet to be rolled out in front of me, but the amount of doors that slam shut in my face on a daily basis are shocking. Any thoughts?



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  1. shh! I'm not supposed to be commenting on blogs because I'm on sabbatical BUT chivalry is something I am big on! In fact, if a man is in the vicinity I will stop and let him open the door for me, this includes cars. I am sad you were not given a seat, as you properly should have been. Chivalry is not dead. I have noticed that when you respect yourself and dress nicely (which I have no doubt you do) men are more likely to do this. And I might get some looks for saying this, but it's something you should EXPECT. Always. You are a lady! xx Emma (emmakollie.com)


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