Mar 17, 2010

All you opinionated gals out there?

Hello all,

I have a little poll for y'all....what do you think is more preppy?

Lacoste v. Ralph Lauren?

Hunter Wellingtons v. LL Bean ducks?

Polo v. Oxford?

An aquaintance of mine (not really preppy at all.) made the mistake of trying to engage in a debate with me about what is preppy and what is not.  She believes that by having a Lacoste polo and carrying a Harajuku Lovers pencil case that says "Preppies" on it, she is a prep.  I do not agree. What do you think?



1 comment:

  1. I don't think the name brand makes something more or less preppy. It's more how the person wears the item. I have plenty of white tees from Target that, when paired with critter shorts, become perfectly preppy.


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