Feb 27, 2010

Sprinter Break!

Ahhh, spring break. It should be spent in the sun, in seventy-degree weather wearing Lilly and J. Crew. Correct? Yes. Is that what I am doing now? No. I am sitting in my room, with 45 degree weather outside. Oh, yes. Sprinter break has arrived. (For those of you who don't get my dandy little word mixing, "sprinter" refers to a break called "spring break" but honestly, it's winter break part II.) Thankfully, I will be in Chapel Hill, NC on Thursday with the lacrosse team for a tournament, so I will be doing some sort of travel.  And even better, Monday is March 1st. This, added to the fact that I have only 64 days left of my Freshman year of high school, is lifting my spirits. And now I can begin the great hunt for a dress for Formal, a prom for us lowly Freshman.  Dress ideas, anyone? I'm thinking brightly-colored maxi.  But there is one little problem.  I have no clue who my date will be.  In a class of 115, and when 15% of your class is in a relationship, there are not too many options available.  I promise to keep you posted as my hunt for both things continue.




  1. Know the small school prom dilemma all too well - I've got 68 in my grade! Just found your blog and it's adorable, I'm loving it already.

  2. Hey girl, found your blog through Carly! I LOVE your name! And super cute blog! Wanted to say, "Hey!" Excited to be in touch! xoe


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