May 30, 2012


Today is my last day of classes! I can't believe exams start tomorrow and as of Friday, I'll be a senior in high school! I still have three exams standing in the way of me and Summertime, and this Things We Forget post yesterday was just too perfect. 

Happy Wednesday!

{The Young Southern Prep}

May 29, 2012

The Light At The End of the Tunnel

I can almost see it.

I have three exams standing between me and summer. I can taste summer.

Last week on the other hand? Although I had summer and freedom in the palm of my hand, I couldn't see the leaves from the trees.

I had two tests, two final exams, one project presentation that counted as a final exam, a makeup exam, and a chapel presentation about my mission.

Somehow I stumbled through, but the sad thing was, I didn't keep the big picture in my head.  I didn't stay focused and remember that I was going to be okay.  I have been through many harder things than what happened this week, and I only ended up disappointing myself at the end of the week.

Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.  The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself. ~ Baz Luhrman

How do you stay focused?


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Although today is a holiday for many of us, we must remember the true meaning of today.  Remember our fallen soldiers and support those who continue to keep our country safe! God Bless America!


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 20, 2012

Thought For The Week

These past few weeks have been all about new beginnings. Big Brother has graduated from college, Mumsy and I attended the opening of a new Yoga studio and antique shop, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is all about new beginnings. 

Every second, you get a second chance. 

Each day is a new beginning. 

We get twenty-four blank pages with sixty lines written in them a day.

With a new seven day beginning, write a great book for yourself this week.


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 19, 2012

Cake Batter Cookies

Wednesday night, I completed my first recipes from Pinterest!

Inspired by a friend, I attempted the Cake Batter Cookies, and they were simply delish! 

Although I haven't figured the ins-and-outs of being able to download files, you should be able to right-click and save this recipe card!

I would highly recommend them for anyone who is a fan of cake batter like me!


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 18, 2012

India: Part Two

During my trip to India, I encountered many children who changed my life forever. Megkhana was one of them. Today's story is about Mina. As part of the Student Team, I will write a mission story and produce a mission video as well, which I look forward to sharing with y'all in the coming weeks.

On the first day I was in Bhubaneswar, we spent our morning on the third floor of the hospital playing with the children before they went to screening, where they would be photographed, given speech evaluations, and seen by pediatricians and anesthesiologists to determine whether they would receive surgery or not.

It was there that I met Mina.

She took to coloring right away, and was taken down early for screening. Until her surgery on Wednesday, I would see her around the hospital nearly everyday, and she always had a huge smile for me and a wave.

Tuesday night, we had one of our longest days, and didn't leave the hospital until nearly eight. She and I had so much fun making silly faces at each other, and playing pattycake for hours.

While waiting in our Child Life room, I learned from her anxious mother that she had had two previous surgeries, and that there were complications during the first, and she was very worried.

She loves going to school and is in Grade 5. 

Since she had already had two surgeries, she was only having a lip scar revision, and I returned on our last day to see her smiling and ready to go home.

I will never forget her sweet family, and her calm, strong mother. What trust and faith these parents had, to come from far away to put their child's life in doctors and foreigners hands. Although we did not share a common language, we all communicated on a deeper level, one that did not require words, but simply hugs and smiles.

It was so hard to say goodbye to her, knowing that I would never see again. Before she left, she and her mother gave me two hard candies, probably a luxury to them, and something that most wouldn't think anything of. I still have them sitting on my dresser, a daily reminder of the little girl who changed my life.


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 17, 2012

So Close, Yet So Far

Happy Thursday!

So the past few weeks have been quite busy to say the least, as evidenced by my lack of blogging. I've also been stuck in a bit of a rut and have been suffering from serious lack of inspiration.

I'm still struggling to adjust to life back in America, and it's safe to say my sleep schedule will be messed up for some time. Eleven and a half hours time difference does not do the body good. I now hate driving and really wish that I could simply walk everywhere. I'm also regretting my decision not to bring back the three ladies who made me my two shirts and dress while I was there. And not bringing back a cow. 

I'm honestly just so ready to be done with school for the year and finally not be stressed about college or grades or tests. But things are looking up, as my last French test EVER was yesterday, thank goodness. 

However, the stress of next week is not too far from the back of my mind.
Next week, I have my Credo presentation, which I'll post more about later, but it's basically an informal thesis about my beliefs that I have to present to my class. I also have my last history test and math test, one AP Exam, and Latin exam next week!

I leave for camp two weeks from Sunday, which is terrifying seeing how much I have to do between now and then.

Have a wonderful day, dear friends!


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mum's who read my blog, and to my sweet Mummy!

I couldn't do it without you!


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 12, 2012

Yet another weekend jaunt...

Because I haven't been out of town enough in the past three months, seriously, Ens, the fam, and I are headed out for the weekend!

Here's what I'll be wearing this weekend!
Have a great Saturday y'all!


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 9, 2012

I've Left My Heart in India

"India, like life itself, is what you bring to it." - The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel

  The two weeks I spent in India completely changed my life and the way I look at everything in the world, and I'm still feeling the effects of it. India is a love or hate, there is no in between, and I'm completely, 100% in love with it. I can't even put into words what it is. 

The colors, the people, their resilience, the smell, their hope, the way they drive, the overuse of drivers horns, the saris and punjabis, the honk of the tuk-tuks, the cows wandering the streets, the food, a vegetarian's paradise, the gap of old and new and the life I lived in Odisha. And yes, this will be the first of many posts.

I miss my cows.

I miss my lunch tray.

I miss Cricket.

I miss my babies.

We thought her name was Meghkhana, or something close to it.  She is two years old and is slowly learning to speak.  By the end of our trip to the Ashram, she had begun to call me "Mamam".

All of these children live at the Jeevan Jyoti Ashram in Bhubaneswar.

I miss India.


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 7, 2012

Jules Reid

Although I've loved Jules Reid for awhile, her Spring/Summer collection has left me speechless!

What do y'all think? Oh, how I wish I had the gusto to rock those pants!


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 6, 2012

Thoughts For The Week

One of our camp songs goes, "It only takes a spark to get a fire going..."

You are worth everything. Value yourself.


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 5, 2012

Guest Post: Making a Statement

This was supposed to post while I was away!

Hey, y’all! I’m Gabbi from North Shore Prep!

Here’s a little secret: I absolutely hate going without jewelry. In fact, earrings are the first things I put on in the morning, right when I get out of bed, so I don’t forget. Take a second and think about the jewelry you wear. Can you, like me, think of three or four pieces you wear almost daily? Don’t get me wrong, I love my classic and dependable pearl studs, watch, and single strand pearl necklace as much as the next girl. As funny as it sounds, those are the pieces that comfort me, that I feel almost incomplete without.
But sometimes, I get a little bored with my usual jewelry picks. Those are the times I throw on a simple sweater and jeans or chinos and let a dramatic necklace like these do all the work for me.

I love this necklace from Kate Spade! Definitely splurge-worthy.

More from Kate Spade! They really know their statement necklaces, even if they are kind of pricey.

My favorite statement necklace is from Hot Mama, and I can always count on them to have really cute and relatively inexpensive pieces!
Right now, I’m loving this one! The fun tangerine color is perfect for spring!

Bauble Bar has every style of statement necklace you could possibly imagine. I guarantee you that you will find something there that catches your eye!

I love this pearl statement necklace. It makes me think of my daily strand kicked up a couple dozen notches.
I also love this delicate statement necklace from Bauble Bar!

How do you make your statements?
North Shore Prep


Thanks so much Gabbi! You're the best! xoxo Royar

May 4, 2012

Happy Friday!

With my first week back in the US under my belt, one quiz made up, and bags packed for camp this weekend, I am feeling so renewed with hope about the end of this year!

I'm also terribly excited about a new movie coming out, perfectly timed with my trip to India!
I can't wait to see it sometime next week!

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck to anyone taking the SAT on Saturday!


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 3, 2012

YSP Playlist #4

What are you listening to?


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 2, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Recently, I've become quite obsessed with stand-alone caneback-esque chairs, so today I'm culling from my Take A Seat board.


{The Young Southern Prep}

May 1, 2012

Go Do

Namaste & Rabbit Rabbit, y'all!

I can't believe I've already come and gone already from my two week trip to India! I can't wait to start sharing stories and pictures, as soon as my life decides to press the pause button.  Yesterday was my first day back to school and I'm not going to lie y'all, I was in a complete daze the first two bells.  It's hard to go from an environment where every child you see has a cleft lip or palate or other deformity and waving and playing with them every second, to learning about World War Two and finishing books in French.  I feel like I have a foot in two completely different worlds and it's almost as if I'm stuck.

But one thing I have learned from my experience?

Go. Do.

I was telling one of my friends about some of my experiences during my mission, and about how I learned how beautiful life is and how, although yes, school is important, school will always be there.

Life won't.
India won't. 

Even though Pre-calculus is kicking my behind right now, as it has been for the past two months, as well as French, I would do the past three weeks all over again if I had the chance to go back and keep helping the people I helped.

So go do something today, and watch where life takes you.


{The Young Southern Prep}